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Principal Dr. Frazier

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Message from the Principle:

Dear CILA families and friends,
Welcome Back! We hope you found some time for rest and renewal along with a little fun during Spring Break!
What a challenging time we are going through! The enormity of the COVID-19 situation is beginning to hit and people are feeling saddened for those who are ill and frightened about the many unknowns. Please know that both our community and CILA have put in place a number of supports to help us successfully navigate this time of crisis. In the attached Monday Message you will find information about our online instructional program and also how to access physical and social/emotional supports. A letter from our Social Worker Shaunna Kimble is also attached to this email along with some ideas to help us take care of ourselves so we can help others.
We are in the process of rerouting our phone system and will share the details of that soon so people can call as needed.
We wish you health and the ability to manage well the many new situations we are faced with during this difficult time. We hope what we have provided during this crisis makes it easy to feel the dedication and care our staff members and leadership have for you and your children/teens. 
Currently we are scheduled to reopen on April 20th. We will let you know if this changes. As you know, Colorado is currently under a Stay-at-Home Order. Schools are considered an essential service, though classes are not to be held in-person, so picking up technology and materials still works, similar to lunches being handed out each day at schools in our community. We will continue to let you know through emails from teachers and school-wide text alerts/emails when and how safe distribution of materials will take place.
A problem with our text alert system is that links are not live when turned into PDF's. Please contact Jennifer Smith for free internet information and utilities deferment at Please copy and paste any other links found in the Monday Message into your web browser.
On a personal note,
I deeply hope this letter finds you and your family well. I miss seeing our wonderful children and teens each day. The joy and hope found in their beautiful smiles is contagious. Together, we will successfully manage this crisis and do all we can to keep our children and teens safe and continuing to learn.
Dr. Frazier (Rebecca)

Monday Message:

Learning Continues at CILA!

Thank you to our teachers and parents who have plunged with enthusiasm into online learning!

We Are the Bears!
The Mighty, Mighty Bears!
We’ve Got This!

Currently, we are about a week ahead of many other districts because of our IT and instructional leadership, our
teachers’ initiative, and good parent and student participation—Thank You!! We hope to continue to both give and receive patience and kindness as we face uncharted waters together!
Google Classroom with its accompanying video conferencing tool, Google Meet, allows our teachers flexibility in their delivery of instruction. Teachers will be using the curriculum we already have in place to do the best they can to ensure continuity through this crisis and see that our students are prepared to move to the next grade next year.
These curriculum pieces include: EngageNY (which includes Science and Social Studies components), Singapore Math, and Mystery Science along with Language instruction and other tools and resources that work for specific
grades and subjects.
Special service providers are also set up in Google Classroom to interact with students in ways that are workable. These services include GT, SPED, Reading Intervention and ELL.
Balancing these many components is a work in progress and we are continuing to communicate with the Charter School Institute and CDE to provide best online practices to meet the needs of all students. The good news is that all our teachers and special service providers have a way to interact with students online. We are working to ensure all students have access to online learning by checking out Chrome Books to families and providing information
about free Wi-Fi options. This has been handled through individual emails.

Teachers will be asking for some work to be uploaded and some to be kept in portfolios/notebooks at home for possible collection. Uploaded work will be graded and recorded and will be used to determine grades on report
cards for 4th quarter. This will be similar to what has been done in the past, but there will be some not assessed sections noted for some students (if needed), due to COVID-19. 

We were about to send home third quarter report cards with students when the closure happened. They will
be sent electronically soon.

Materials: We are working through a plan for families to safely pick up students’ physical materials such as workbooks, journals, etc. We will communicate this plan soon.

CILA is Here for You!
Food and Basic Needs: We have community donors to help with basic needs and D-11 has breakfasts and lunches available for pick up at schools for children under 18. CS utilities is offering discounted and delayed billing. Click here to apply for free internet: Comcast Contact Jennifer Smith our Community Outreach Director to find out more at

Social & Emotional Supports:
Included with this Monday Message is a note from our Social Worker, Shaunna Kimble. Please feel free to
contact her at for ideas to get through this situation safe and sane!

Fun: Join us for CILA Cyber Spirit Week on Facebook! M-PJ Pic; T-Pet or Stuffed Animal; W-Book; Th-Silly Faces w/fam; F-Real Super Heroes.

Information about Online Learning:
Mondays: Teacher Planning, PD, Team & Staff Meetings (no lessons)
Tuesdays-Fridays: Teachers post lessons by 9:00 a.m.

Online Learning Link During COVID-19 Closure:      

More Resources:
Scholastic User Name: Learning20
Scholastic Password: Clifford
As noted in the previous email, Comcast is providing free internet service during this time of crisis. To apply, please click on this link:
Our wonderful community is coming together to provide food for children under 18 during school closures. Through our outstanding Community Outreach director, Jennifer Smith, we have been made aware of this incredible support for our CILA families:
Throughout this time of crisis when schools are closed, children will receive a grab and go meal that will not be hot. Most bags should include breakfast and lunch together. We are posting a map of sites on our Facebook page. Many high schools and middle schools are participating. We know of these in D-11:
The District will provide one bagged meal per day for children ages 0-18 years of age from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the following sites: 

Doherty High School 
Russell Middle School 
Mitchell High School 
Swigert Middle School 
The RJWAC Campus 
North Middle School 
Mann Middle School 
Coronado High School 
West Elementary School 

In Spanish: 
 El Distrito proporcionará una comida embolsada por día para niños de 0 a 18 años de edad de 11 a.m. a 12:30 p.m. en los siguientes sitios:

Doherty High School
Escuela Secundaria Russell
Mitchell High School
Escuela Secundaria Swigert
El Campus RJWAC
Escuela Secundaria del Norte
Escuela Secundaria Mann
Escuela Secundaria Coronado
Escuela Primaria Oeste