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CILA and School Uniforms

Why School Uniforms?
Research has shown schools that require school uniforms increase safety (through easy identification of trespassers), reducing social and economic status by promoting equality and improving academic performance by increasing students’ attention toward their studies. 
CILA’s logo is the property of Colorado International Language Academy. This logo may not be used for any reason without written permission from the school’s administration. Outside vendors are not authorized to embroider on shirts that are brought to them.
Old or Outgrown Uniforms?
Donate to CILA
  • Please donate these uniforms to help support students in need.
  • You can also donate to the CILA Uniform Fund for families in need of uniforms.
  • Contact your school for more information on how to donate
Religious Dress Considerations
  • Colorado International Language Academy respects and honors all religious beliefs.
  • If your religion dictates a certain type of dress (ex: head cover, scarves, etc.), please contact your school administration. 
  • We will gladly accommodate your student.