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Crisis Response Plan

Purpose:  In order to avoid reactive management it is imperative to practice proactive management; this is particularly important when responding to emergencies.  The students, teachers, parents and community look to the school to responsibly manage and prepare the school community to respond to emergency situations.  During the process of completing this plan and reviewing, training and practicing the outlined procedures, both staff and students will be better prepared to protect themselves and others in the event of a disruption caused by an unforeseen emergency.  Because every community is different, consideration of the local area should be taken into account when completing this plan.


Copies of this Crisis Response Plan are to be kept in easily accessed locations throughout the school with copies submitted to the School Board of Directors. Crisis Response Plans need to be updated annually and training on the plan conducted on a regular schedule with drills being scheduled on a monthly basis or as prescribed by local ordinances.


The Crisis Response Plan is currently under revision and will be available online soon.