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Enroll Now for Our 2019-20 Our World Language Homeschool Enrichment Program
Update: Homeschool Spanish K-3rd (Monday), Spanish (Wednesday), ASL, French are full and we are accepting      applications for a wait list.
Homeschool Spanish 4th-8th has 4 spots remaining.
Colorado International Language Academy, a leader in language immersion education, is excited to offer our pilot homeschool enrichment program in the Fall of 2019-20. Classes are open to students in Kindergarten -8th Grade. Students must attend one full day session, once a week.
  • Which languages do you offer? For the 2019-2020 HSEP, we plan to offer Spanish, German, Chinese, ASL, Japanese, and French. However, our offerings are dependent upon an enrollment minimum of 8 children per class. If there is a language you’d like your child to learn that isn’t currently offered, we can offer the class as long as we have a minimum enrollment.


  • Can I enroll my child in Chinese, German or Spanish in the traditional program, even though we are homeschooling our kids? Yes. If you would like your child to come to one of our traditional language classes, you are welcome to do that. If you decide on this option, you will need to plan for your child to attend class one or two days per week. Language classes in our traditional classrooms are half of each school day. You can choose to have your child just come for the language part of the day or they can come for the whole day and receive a half a day of English instruction as well.


  • How many kids are in the homeschool classes? We try to keep our HESP classes small, with 8 to 15 children per class.


  • Are your classes mixed ages or are they broken down by age? Our classes in the HESP are mixed ages K-8. If we have a big enough class, we would divide the class by age (as will be happening with our Spanish program on Mondays this year) or have an assistant in the room with the teacher.


  • What does the students’ day look like? Our HESP begins at 8:30 AM and runs until 3:15 PM. While the students are here, they receive three recesses (they are able to bring a snack to eat during recess), language instruction, and a science class. Language instruction is provided in a fun and engaging way. Children learn their new language through a variety of arts/crafts, music, games, and movement; we want your child to enjoy learning a new language.


  • Do you provide funding for us to purchase curriculum? No, we use the funding we get for the program to purchase materials for the program and for program staffing.


  • My child is in the traditional program. Can I move them into the homeschool program? Yes. If you decide to move your child from the traditional program into the Homeschool Program, please let us know so that we can take care of this. If this will be your first time homeschooling your child, please make an appointment to speak to us about what this move will mean for your family.


  • Do you accept kindergartners in the program? Yes, kindergarten aged children (kids who are 5 before or on October 1). This is state law. All of our teachers do have the children learning language through a variety of modalities, including written language. It is easier for the younger children to complete this writing if they know how to write their name and can identify their letters before they begin in the program.


  • Will my child be able to learn a lot of language if they are only in the classroom one day a week? Your child will be learning a lot of language during their time in the classroom. Teachers report that the kids who retain the most language are those who are practicing the language at home on their own. Teachers do send home different practice activities for the kids to do at home, and we recommend that your child spend some time each day practicing their language while they are with you. This should not be an interruption into your child’s regular learning time with you. If you would like a different method of practice (for example something they can do that is not on the computer), please speak with your child’s teacher. All of our teachers want their students to be successful and are willing to work with the families to meet the children’s needs.


  • Can I enroll my child in two different languages? Yes. Please talk to the Head of Homeschool if this is something you are interested in. She can sit down with you and discuss your options. Please email aarredondo@gvaschools.org to set up a time.


  • Does your program have required homework? No. All teachers are asked to send home different ways for kids to practice their new language at home. This is not required work. However, the kids that show the most growth in class and who retain the language are the kids who take advantage of this practice work. The kids who have not been doing this have had a much harder time retaining what they learned in class.


  • Are my kids required to be at school a certain number of days? Yes, all students in the HSEP are required to spend 90+ hours at CILA; therefore it is important for you to plan on your child attending class on a weekly basis. If we have to cancel class we do our best to make the class up in a timely manner. If your child is sick, it is important to the call the main office to excuse them from class. Our number is (719) 645-8063.
  • Can we participate in other activities such as afterschool activities, culture days, and International days? Yes!! You are part of our CILA family. You are welcome to come to any and all events, even if they are offered on days when your child is not in class. Please let us know if you are planning on having your child attend an International day. We will make sure that they are included in a class and that they receive any materials needed to participate.


  • How do I register my child? If you are interested in our Homeschool Enrichment Program, please fill out this Intent to enroll.