Computer Science

We live in a world that is becoming further rooted in technology. It is one of the most rapidly evolving and growing industries of the modern era, and that isn't going to change anytime soon - therefor, it is important that children learn from a young age how to navigate technology in a smart and responsible way
In Computer Science Class, students learn the ins and outs of technology (computer and otherwise!) in a fun and engaging environment. This encourages safe navigation of technological resources like the internet, while learning about the history of the tech advances that we now enjoy, computer skills, and even coding! 
However, the importance of computer science in the classroom spreads so far beyond using computers, or even learning the complex art of coding. The main goal of this class is to encourage computational thinking. The characteristics of computational thinking are problem decomposition, pattern recognition, data representation, generalization and abstraction,  and algorithms - in other words: problem solving
The thinking skills fostered in Computer Science apply to all areas of study, and are important for students of any age!