Early Admission For Kindergarten

Process for Highly Gifted Children to obtain Early Access into Kindergarten

  1.  Obtain an Early Access Portfolio Application Package from CILA or download it from the website (see pdf below).
  2. Complete the Early Access Portfolio Application (Due by February 26th, 2021).  There is an initial $25 screening fee associated with this Early Entrance process and must be paid upon submission of this application.  *Note:  A Portfolio will not be considered complete until all required materials are received.
  3. Complete applications will be processed and screened to determine eligibility for testing and observation. If the application demonstrates a strong need for the child to enter Kindergarten or First Grade early, as a highly gifted student, he/she will move to testing/evaluation as follows:
    1. Achievement Testing in Early Math and Literacy
      1. If the child performs at the 97th percentile or above, he/she will move to cognitive testing
    2. Cognitive Testing
      1. Parents are responsible for paying for a portion of this testing fee ($150).
      2. If the child performs at the 97th percentile or above, he/she will move to readiness observation.
    3. School Readiness, Social Behavior, and Motivation
      1. If the child demonstrates readiness for Kindergarten or First Grade, a screening team will evaluate the complete portfolio and all testing/observation data.
  4. The Screening Team will determine if the child qualifies for Early Access to Kindergarten or First Grade.
  5. Early Access determination letter will be mailed to families in a timely manner